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Dark Timber Outfitters offers great hunt packages for elk and mule deer in Units 61 & 62 for all types of hunters, from 12 year-olds on their first outing, to worldly veterans of the hunt.

Due to the variety of guided elk hunts in Units 61 and 62 on the Uncompahgre National Forest, we can accommodate just about any type of elk hunt you’re interested in. Unit 62 is an over-the-counter unit for bulls during archery, second and third rifle season meaning you can hunt every year, resident or non-resident. Looking for a once-in-a lifetime hunt for a 300-class bull? If you have enough points, Unit 61 could give you that chance.


Unit 61 is a draw-only unit for all elk seasons.  Residents can expect to draw a bull tag with 8-18 points depending on the season being applied for while non-residents will need 19 or more points before they’ll have a chance to pull a bull tag.  However, Unit 61 is one of the best elk hunting units in the state of Colorado.  You will see a lot of elk, have great opportunities to kill a bull and, with hard work and perseverance, potentially bring home a 300-class bull.  With a great mix of foot and horse access only, road accessed country and large blocks of public land without roads or trails, our permitted area in Unit 61 is an elk haven.  Great habitat, patient and knowledgeable guiding, and excellent elk herd health make for an `unforgettable public lands hunt.


At Dark Timber Outfitters, we understand this is potentially the hunt of lifetime for you and we treat it as such.  With a guided elk hunt in Unit 61, we’ll work very hard to help make sure you’ll be headed home with the best bull possible, if you’re blessed with making a kill. We also restrict the number of clients we guide in Unit 61 each season.  We’re not out to pump as many hunters through our outfit each year but rather provide an extremely high quality experience for those clients that do hunt with us.  After waiting 20 years to pull the tag of your dreams, do you really want to be the 28th or 29th hunter to show up to camp that year?  No you don’t and we don’t want you to be either.  We focus on the quality of your hunt as an individual, not the quantity of hunts we can book.


Unit 62 is an over-the-counter (OTC) unit for bull elk for archery season, as well as 2nd and 3rd rifle.  Muzzleloader and 1st rifle season are draw only.  The OTC hunts are great because you can save up points each year for Unit 61 but still chase elk in the Colorado high country of Unit 62 every year in the meantime.  Unit 62 lies right across the road from our base camp at Dark Timber Lodge.  With numerous trails and plenty of remote areas to hunt you can immerse yourself in Colorado’s elk country. Our permitted area in Unit 62 holds just about every habitat type you can think of which really gives us great opportunities to locate elk, wherever they may be hanging.  The top end of Unit 62 holds stands of dark timber (spruce dominated) and aspen groves.  This habitat type gives way to oak brush, which the elk love to hole up in, and lower still we get into pinion and juniper country, which is not only good elk country but even better mule deer habitat.


For those interested in a mule deer hunt, all mule deer licenses are draw only. There are great bucks in Unit 62 and your odds of success during 2nd rifle are quite good if you put in the time and have a little luck on your side!