Daypack for Hunting in Colorado

How to Load Your Daypack For a Guided Elk or Mule Deer Hunt

For many folks, hunting elk or mule deer in Colorado is equal parts exciting and intimidating. Knowing what to bring can be a challenge. Specifically, many of our hunters have questions about what they should carry in their daypack.

If you’re hunting elk in September with archery equipment, your checklist probably looks a little different than if you were mule deer during rifle season, or cow elk on one of our late-season hunts.

While packing lists can change from one hunt to another, there are some general things to consider on any guided hunt in rugged, mountain country. Here are a few simple tips to remember:

1. Keep Your Daypack Light

On the first day of the hunt, you might feel bright eyed and bush tailed. Not sure what to bring, it’s easy to throw everything in the pack. Before you know it, you’re carrying a pack that’s far too heavy. By the end of that first day, you’ll be second-guessing your choices.

Just remember before you begin, that carrying a heavy daypack through steep and rugged terrain will wear you down quickly. To conserve your energy for the hunt, keep your daypack as light as possible.

Carefully consider each item in your daypack, and stick to the list that your outfitter provides.

2. Take the Guide’s Advice

When in doubt, ask your guide. Consider the fact that your guide will carry a daypack too. In many cases, there’s no reason to duplicate what’s already in your guide’s pack. If your guide recommends leaving it at camp, trust them.

When you arrive in camp, you might even show your guide what’s in your daypack. Listen to their advice. Otherwise, you might be quickly regretting it on that first strenuous climb.

3. Pack Quality Hunting Gear

Durability, functionality and lightweight design are in delicate balance when deciding on any piece of hunting gear. These things are often in conflict. So again, trust your guide’s recommendations and stick with high quality gear whenever possible.

High quality hunting gear will provide the best balance between weight and functionality. If your gear is heavy and bulky, your daypack will follow suit. Rain gear is a perfect example. Quality rain gear like the options from First Lite will pack small and perform extremely well. When you’re hunting in tough conditions, great equipment is worth the investment.

4. Focus on Hydration

No matter what season or species you’re hunting here in Colorado, always have durable water bottles in your pack.  Dehydration is a major issue for many hunters coming from lower elevations.  Packing a couple Nalgene bottles is always recommended.

Elk and Mule Deer Hunting In Colorado

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