Draw Results for Colorado Hunts

Colorado Big Game Draw Results Available June 3-7

It’s that time of year! Colorado Parks and Wildlife will post the limited license draw results for bear, deer, elk, moose and pronghorn between June 3rd and 7th.

Limited License Hunts

If you are hoping to hunt elk with us this year in unit 61, or if you’re hoping to draw a mule deer tag in Colorado, you’ll be able to check your draw results online at CPWShop.com. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will post results for each species throughout the week between the 3rd and the 7th. If you don’t see results for a particular species posted yet, you may need to check back the following day.

Over-The-Counter Hunts

If you plan to hunt in an over-the-counter elk unit this year, like one of our guided hunts in unit 62, you do not need to worry about the limited license draw. You will be able to purchase over-the-counter tags online before your hunt.

If you have questions about limited license draw in Colorado, or over-the-counter elk hunting opportunities, please feel free to contact us.

Here at Dark Timber Lodge and Timber to Table Outfitters, we offer a number of guided hunts and experiences for both elk and mule deer. From early season archery hunts, to late season hunts that focus on healthy meat, we’d love to help you plan a memorable Colorado hunting adventure.

To learn more, please explore the rest of our website. If you’d like to chat with us about specifics or upcoming availability, please call Adam directly at 208-691-3014 or send us a message.

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