Spot and Stalk Mule Deer

5 Tips for a Successful Mule Deer Hunt

We love hunting big mule deer bucks. And there might be no better place to do it than right here in Colorado. There is potential to find big mule deer in just about every part of the state. Here are a few of our tips hunting mule deer:

1. Slow Down

Slow down and glass. Then glass some more. Mule deer blend into the landscape and you must glass hard to find them. A buck laying in waist-high scrub oak or sagebrush is difficult to spot. Find a good vantage point; look for travel paths and glass until your eyes hurt. Cover ground as necessary but really take your time when you have a good view. Study the brush; pick apart the tree line and study rock outcroppings until you have the area thoroughly covered. Look for game trails and water sources as well to find travel routes.

Colorado Mule Deer Hunt2. Work with the Landscape

The landscape will play tricks on your mind and you can easily lose sight of deer. Once you spot a mule deer, observe landmarks in reference to the position. This becomes increasingly important during the stalk. You can use these landmarks as a guide during the stalk. Using a rangefinder to measure the distance between the animal and the landmarks increases the value of your reference points.

3. Know their Senses

Mule deer rely heavily on their senses and you can blow a stalk when they see, hear or smell you. Prioritize the wind above all else to prevent being winded. If you think a deer sees you or hears you, stop and do not move until the animal resumes normal behaviour. Freezing on the spot will often save the stalk. Just flat out stay still and wait it out. If you are spotted, keep your eyes down and do not move. It’s a waiting game.

4. Put the Stop on Them

Every now and then you won’t see a deer until you’ve already spooked it. Make a loud whistle or grunt and setup for the shot. A mule deer’s curiosity can be your best friend. These deer will often stop and turn broadside to look back. Be ready to take advantage of that curiosity. This may be your best chance to take a clean shot.

5. Find Your Buck

Depending on the area you are hunting, you may not want to take the first buck you see. There is nothing wrong with passing on any number of animals. Wait until you find a buck that gets you excited. Glassing, hiking and looking for a great buck is half the fun. Watch and study the ones you find and look in odd places for that monster. The biggest bucks tend to have slightly different habits and you will find them in some surprising places.

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