2019 Hunting Season Recap from Dark Timber Outfitters

Hey there elk hunters! With the regular rifle seasons all wrapped up and Timber to Table Guide Service’s late season hunts almost done as well, we wanted to send a note out to everyone in time for the holidays.

First and foremost, we’d like to extend a very sincere, “Thank you!” to all of you who gave us the chance to take you elk hunting. It was a privilege to share that experience with you. We know it’s not easy to break away from family, work, and home to go elk hunting. We hope you know we take each and every hunt seriously. We work hard (and try to hunt smart!) to provide each of you with the best experience possible.

The 2019 season was the usual roller coaster that comes with elk hunting. There were some amazing elk encounters, lots of close calls, some epic bugling sessions and quite a few notched tags on bulls. Not to mention beautiful mornings watching the woods come alive and evenings hiking back in the dark after a great day on our public lands.

But I realize it wasn’t all rainbow farts and pony rides. The wind screwed us quite a bit. We had elk show up in front of us when we weren’t expecting it. We had to deal with loud, crunchy snow, and stupid hot temperatures.

Put the good and bad together and that’s elk hunting in a nutshell, I’d say.

Now that a little time has passed, we hope you’ve come away with increased gratitude for the elk we chased, whether you were able to kill one or not. And we hope you have a greater appreciation for the public land those elk and all the other wildlife rely on.

There continues to be efforts to erode and undermine the public land (and waters) we all own. I hope you’ll speak up in your neck of the woods on behalf of those wild places. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good…and there’s no getting them back. Our public lands legacy is unique and special. It is most definitely worth fighting for in my humble opinion. To the best of your ability, please get engaged and stay engaged with your public lands and waters.

Believe it or not, the application time for many western states will be starting up in another month or two. Good luck in all your future hunts wherever and whenever they happen. We’re extremely lucky to get to do what we do!

We wish you and yours a safe and bountiful holiday season.

Thank you again,


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