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Unit 61 is a quality unit. It is also a total draw unit.

On the average for out-of-staters it can take 17 to22 years of preference points to draw this unit. Archery, muzzle loader and 1st rifle closer to 18-22 points, 2nd and 3rd rifle take closer to 17-19 points for elk. Residents of Colorado will need 2 to 3 less points to draw.

Unit 61 Has the best Elk hunting in Colorado. There are a lot of 300 class Elk in this Unit. The Elk archery and Muzzle loader hunting is the most action packed hunt you can find in Colorado. The rifle hunts are action packed with seeing a lot of Elk and having a opportunity to get a 300 class Elk.

Unit 61•4 wheel drive vehicles are available to transport hunters to unit areas.


REGISTERED/INSURED/BONDED • Our hunter to guide ratio is 2 to 1 • Colorado elk tags over the counter. • VIEW PRICING!

Do you have what it takes to join our 300 Club? These hunters did!
You can get a Colorado Elk Tag over the counter in archery season and 2nd rifle seasons. Muzzle laoder and 1st rifle seasons are a draw for Elk. Deer is also a draw. The terrain in unit 61 and 62 is dark timber, aspen groves, oak brush, cedars and pinions, which are very good habitat for Elk and Mule deer. We go where the Elk and Deer are. We have had excellent success hunting Elk during our muzzle loader and archery seasons. If you don’t mind putting in the time and covering a lot of ground, you will get close and have a very good opportunity to take a Colorado Elk.

 Rifle season is an excellent hunt. We have areas with short walks looking over canyons that Elk and Deer move through. We have areas that will require a lot of walking to get to where the elk are (It is a very good idea to be in good shape for your hunt). Our deer hunting is extremely good too. You have to draw for a deer tag. We hunt on private and public land for deer. You will have a very good opportunity to take a very good Mule Deer in the 2nd  rifle season. There is not near the walking with our deer hunting.

All hunts in Unit 62 are unguided unless otherwise arranged. We will scout the area and help you with finding the Elk and Deer, Feed you, Hot showers, warm beds. and we will pack your Elk or deer out for about $300-$500 you must have it field dressed or skinned and quartered ready for us to pack in out. You can set up ground blinds at water holes or tree stands in archery season. .

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